Early Start on Christmas

There's a slight breeze as I'm writing this from our dining table. The window shade in the living area lifts ever so softly and settles back softly again. It's quiet in the compound today. Many of our neighbors are in the provinces for All Souls Day. I miss the sound of kids playing.

Been a long time since I wrote here. Was soooo busy with made-to-order stuff. Clients for dresses and tops have been steady since we started sometime July (thank You Lord!) and October was even busier because of a lot of weddings on the 25th. It was an auspicious date for the Chinese and we worked on a couple of gowns and cocktail dresses for people attending weddings on that day.

Was offered a job as editor for a fashion and lifestyle online mag. It's wonderful to be considered and for a few hours I seriously thought of trying out for the job. But after sleeping on it, I'm kinda inclined to decline. Tempting yes but I need to focus on my little sewing shop or else it will forever be a little sewing shop. :) But yes, it felt good to be considered.

I'm going to clean out our little storage space today and attempt to put up our Christmas decor. Christmas comes very early in the Philippines. Hahaha.

Hope you are well and happy.

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