Running Log: 25 Aug (interval training)

I decided to resume my running log here. Need to keep track if I'm going to train for my first half. Still far from that though. Need to transition to 15K first and see what that's like.

Last night I ran with the girls and that was quite a relief.

2K warm-up.

Main run: 2x3x200m.

Coach Sarge was our pacer and these are our times:

1st Set: 0:54; 047; 041
2nd Set: 0:45; 0:40; 0:40

3K cool down. I usually don't do this but Coach Joar insisted so I did it. My legs were so tired already from the sprints and I didn't expect I would be able to finish the cool down. Pwede pala. The battle is really in the mind.

Core strengthening and stretching.

Good training night. Not easy but we made it. :)


GINA said...

Goodluck with your 15k/21k goals! Sounds exciting, mcn. Ako, maybe next year pa yung 15k. =P

makescoffeenervous said...

Naku, I'd love to stick to 10K but C has been pressuring me to move to 15K para mas challenging daw. As if 10K weren't a real feat already! Hahaha! When's our next race? New Balance? The one on SCTEX seems so exciting!!!

GINA said...

10k is still a feat!! =P

I might join New Balance. But I've been so negligent with my running lately. Boo. =( Need to find time to practice. Will try to do 10k in the run pero feeling ko it'll take me an hour and a half to finish it. I'm so out of shape. Haha.

makescoffeenervous said...

Go for it! I think we'll also be joining New Balance. Still hoping we can do the SCTEX run too but we've a wedding to go to that night.

Hope to see you in New Balance!