Kitchen Experiments

I just made a jar of pesto and chicken tocino.

Went to weekend market on Sunday and got some gorgeous, sweet-smelling basil leaves from the organic stall.

Today we chopped up a cup of basil leaves (leave out the stalks), combined it with half a cup of olive oil, half a cup of grated parmesan, fresh ground pepper and my experimental 3/4 of a siling labuyo. Long ago they used to make pesto by grinding everything on a mortar and pestle. Now we just drop everything in a blender and voila. I love the color and scent of freshly made pesto. Tasted it a bit and love that one can just hint at the siling labuyo. Too bad I ran out of pine nuts. That would've really made it special. Can't wait to have pesto pasta for dinner.

For the chicken tocino, I just got six skinless breast of chicken fillets, sliced them into thin strips and put them in a freezer bag of 4 tbsp salt and 8 tbsp brown sugar. That's it! This is marinating now in the fridge. After three days, we can portion it out into fry-ready packs and place them in the freezer. Friday tocino breakfast!!!

I love how easy to make these two dishes are and how they're such a treat to the senses. Love the colors and the textures when making them. Can't wait for the aroma of pesto pasta and the comforting scent of tocino frying. I don't know about you but it's really beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. Haha.


GINA said...

I love pesto! Pasta is the only thing I can cook. Do you watch Nigella Lawson? Sometimes I dream of cooking like her. =P

makescoffeenervous said...

I love Nigella too! :) She makes cooking seem so sexy. Hahaha! But my ultimate favorite is Giada. I love pasta kasi madali and madaming pwedeng imbentuhin.

GINA said...

Nigella's so cool because she puts a lot of spice in the food. I love spicy food!

Si Giada nakakainggit kasi she doesn't seem to put on weight with all that food she's whipping up. Haha!