What's Are You Passionate About?

My bestfriend's dad once told her that the key to knowing what it is you are passionate about is to check the contents of your bookshelf. What do you read about most? Then that most probably is your passion.

That was when we were in college. Now I think you can take a look at your browser bookmarks.

My most bookmarked items are recipes. Haha. Not fashion sites. Food.

At night, when Rafa has already fallen asleep and I have some time, I scour the net for recipes. The other day I learned how to boil an egg properly. Here's a good link to that if you're curious.

Last night we had dinner guests and I made chicken sotanghon soup, chicken tikka masala and herb roasted fillet of sole. I started cooking at around 3pm and everything was ready by 6.

I'm not saying I'm a good cook. I'm just saying I LOVE cooking. It just gives me so much pleasure. The measuring, chopping, mixing. The different smells (that chicken tikka masala was a dream) and textures. Rafa loves hanging out in the kitchen and I let him smell the herbs. What's not to love about fresh rosemary, thyme or coriander? Sigh.

The photo above is a snack I served Rafa and his playmates a few weeks ago. Just plain fried saba drizzled with salted caramel sauce. Got the kids eating saba and that made me so happy.

This week I'm hoping to make whole wheat pizza from scratch. I hope it turns out well! Let you know if it does.

How about you? What's your most bookmarked?

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