Hi! How are you? I know I have been remiss in writing. I miss it too, but mommy duties are never ending, that's what I've discovered.

Rafa is now a year and three months old. Wow! Can you imagine that? He's able to walk well, run a bit, climb up and down the sofa (yikes!!!), say some words like car, 'ter (for water), there, dada, mama and he has also started doing more imaginative play. I hope I got the term right. But yes, he's starting to make a little world for himself. Lately he learned to give his pet animals some snacks and water. And has also taken to feeding me and his dada with bread. And yes, we take the bread from him and eat it. How could we not?

So anyway... I have finally found a bible study group and I really am thankful for it! Joined the group late last year and we've finished two study guide books by Beth Moore. The first one was on Daniel and the second one was on Esther. Both timely and very enriching.

We are on a sort of summer break so now we're studying with some videos by Rob Bell. It was my turn to facilitate today and the material was, I think, perfect for me.

The title of the material is Noise. It tackles the things that fill out our lives. The noise (audible and visual) that may hinder us from hearing God.

We're all constantly wired, connected. Constant SMS, updates on Facebook or Instagram, etc.

Personally I am so thankful that C and I decided not to get cable (although the recent epic Nadal-Djokovic match had us yearning for a sports channel). We get to spend more time talking and reading. And eating at the table properly. That, to me, is a huge luxury.

One thing I think that I'm also trying to work on is resisting the urge to document every special thing we encounter. Two weekends ago we were in Tagaytay and we had a wonderful view of pine trees and the incessant, beautiful sound of crickets at night. There was also of course the truly breathtaking view of Taal Volcano. C kept urging me to take a picture and I just refused. I told him I wanted to enjoy the view and not be disturbed by trying to get the right framing or angle or light.

Even with Rafa, I have missed documenting a lot of milestones and cute moments because I was busy savoring them just as they were happening. I regret not having a record sometimes but then I know I wouldn't have completely enjoyed those moments with him and I wouldn't have been completely present in those moments with him had I fiddled with my phone cam.

This week I pray for wisdom to discern what unnecessary noise I have in my life and the courage and discipline to take those out.

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