So sorry I have been so quiet.

I have finally succumbed to parental guilt. Haha. Every free time I get, I feel guilty spending it on things that don't concern Rafa. Uh-oh, right? I'm trying to figure out how to strike a balance. Let you know when I succeed. Don't hold your breath. Haha.

Anyway... Rafa has recently figured out how to use his charms to control us. When we're carrying him and he wants to go somewhere or touch something, he'll plant a big, wet and noisy kiss on our cheeks or mouths. Instant heartmelt.

A bit of news. One of my good friends and I decided to put up a little support group for women who have reproductive immune issues.

I know how helpful other women's advice was to me when I was going through my miscarriages. It helped so much to know that a lot of these women had gone on to have successful pregnancies. My friend and I just want to give back.

So if you're reading this and you want to share a story or maybe hear some stories, please do search Campfire Manila on Facebook. We'll be there for you.


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