"Mama, please mama me."

"Mama, please don't yummy my nose."

These are some of the funny things Rafa says now.

Mama me -- to touch softly, to hug, to snuggle, to kiss all over
Don't yummy -- don't bite or pinch playfully

Sometimes he is a handful and I get irritated and impatient with him. But then I realize it will not be this way always. He will not want to be mama-ed or yummy-ed forever. 

The day will come sneaking up when he will not want to be held as much and kissed as much. And it makes me cry when I think of that. 

And knowing that reminds me to take deeper breaths when he is being too demanding of my time and touch (he can only fall asleep with me rubbing his belly and him rubbing my earlobe -- go figure). 

I will Mama and yummy all I can while I can. 

P.S. He also said the other day after I playfully squeezed his nose: Mama, I don't want to be cute. Haha. 

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