I just put Rafa to sleep and as I was singing to him I got weepy. Definitely not hormones but a genuine mommy moment. 

At night I hum traditional hymns like Amazing Grace or Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. But in the afternoons (now that our nanny has been away for more than a week and I'm in-charge of his naps), I sing the Beatles' I Will and a string of Carpenters songs (We've Only Just Begun seems appropriate too for a mom and child, no?) and Edelweiss. Please don't ask why. Haha. 

I think it's one of the most touching moments of my day. 


RETA said...

Nice writing.
RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

And Rafa can now sing (actually recite haha) Amazing Grace and Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus because of you. (Not sure if he thinks you're reciting instead of singing hahaha).:D I think you're an amazing mom!

- C