Bottled (blogged) moment

Rafa is just recovering from stomach flu (first time he's sick since he was born, and just shortly before he turns one at that!) and I know I should write about our experience with that but I just got so giddy with the goodness of the moment that I thought I'd write a quick note about it.

C and I were reading the Sunday paper and discussing an article on the Oscars (which will be tomorrow) and the merits of each nominee and it was just such a comfortable, engaged and happy moment. You know that feeling where something's happening and part of you is in that moment and part of you is like hovering above, observing? Well, that happens to me a lot (I know, weird, right?) and our Oscars moment just seemed so ordinary and yet so special. I knew at that precise moment that there was nowhere I would rather be and no one I would rather be with.

For that, I am thankful for, today.

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