Rafa's nine months! Praise God!

Dear Rafa,

You are 9 months and a few hours old as I type this.

You are asleep now in your pack n play, wearing your yellow reusable nappy and your white sando. I love your pambahay clothes. You look so cute.

This morning I had to buy buttons for a project we are doing and I passed by a baking supply store and saw these super cute paper cupcake liners. I thought they would be perfect for the crayons we are putting on the tables for your dedication on Saturday.

Yes, we will be dedicating you to the Lord on Saturday. Frankly it feels like your first birthday party. We are so excited and so deeply thankful that God found us worthy to be your parents.

So anyway... back to the cupcake liners and crayons. You don't know what joy I had as I bought the boxes of crayons and the cupcake liners. These little things make it really sink in that I am a mom. And that I can throw parties for you! Haha.

Some of Dad's officemates will be taking pictures at the dedication so you can take a look at them someday and see how your dedication went.

Your Dad and I are so touched at the outpouring of love from so many people. I always joke that we almost never have to buy things because people just sometimes literally appear on our doorstep bearing gifts. Clothes, books, toys, baby furniture... We're kinda set, even for your potty training. Imagine that!

And for your dedication, so many people have graciously given their "services" for free! Lola Susan will provide the food. Tita Talna and Tito Joven are in charge of the music! Oh and what cool music we will have as the musicians are from the UP College of Music. They are cool dudes, Rafa. I think you'll want to hang out with them someday.

Even our video testimony was done for free! How amazing is that?! We thank the Lord for touching so many people and for all the love they shower you. 

You are dearly loved, my dear Rafa. I hope you know and feel that even now. 

Happy nine months, dearest. I love you so much.


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