Snacking while pms-ing

I must be pms-ing because this little bag of joy made me walkout of TV time with C.

I'm a snacker. And I'm the type that fixates on a specific snack. I eat that snack for several days or weeks or months till it's almost coming out of my ears. I've fixated on broiled peanuts. On Eng Bee Tin's mongo hopia (a sweet, mung bean pastry, for non-Filipino readers of this blog, or for my cousin Charlie in Canada -- hehe). On Kettle Chips. On pancit (stir-fried noodles). On fresh langka (jackfruit). On double dutch ice cream and many more stuff.

Today in the grocery I found my next fixation: Oishi Caramel Popcorn. It just had to be Oishi. I had a choice between that or Kettle Korn's version but I've always loved the Oishi balance of sweet and salty.

I was set. I got a small bag of Cheetos Crunchy and ate that with C in the car going home. Salty food is a perfect prelude to the sweet snack.

I rushed through our dinner of chicken adobo and steamed okra (yummy!!! oh my!!! it was just so yummy!!!) and just quickly checked my email before settling in front of the TV to munch on the popcorn. I like saving the best for last.

When I got to the TV room, C was munching on indian mango so I dipped into that, cleansing my palate for the main event.

"Can you pass me my caramel popcorn, please?" I ask C.

"Huh?" he says to me, wide-eyed.

"The popcorn in the grocery bag," I remind him.

"Hee... Naubos ko na (I finished it off already)," he says sheepishly.

At this point I'm thinking he's trying to taunt me and when I make a sad face he'll whip out the popcorn and laugh at me.

"Ows? (Really?)"

"Yeah... Sorry!!! Sorry!!! I'll buy another tomorrow!"

I stare at the TV, eyes brimming with tears. Okay, I'm exaggerating about the tears!

"We'll buy tonight!" he says, pleading now.

I get up, drink a glass of water and leave the room.

Deep inside I'm laughing hysterically because he's really feeling so sorry, he'd actually go out of the house at this late hour to buy Oishi Caramel Popcorn! But deep inside too I feel so bad because I was really looking forward to munching on that snack. I had already envisioned myself just eating a bit and saving the rest for tomorrow. How weird is that, right?

Ah well. Some snacks are just not meant to be. :)


giardigno65 said...

I also want caramel popcorn ! Could you inform me about an italian dealer ?

makes coffee nervous said...

hi giardigno65! i'm not sure if they ship to italy but here's the link to their website: http://www.oishi.com.ph/catalog.asp?prod=popca

GINA said...

Oishi rules! I soo understand your snack fixation. I'm addicted to their salt & vinegar cracklings, and that spongy chocolate thing-y snack that they have. And they have this new "gourmet" line which includes kimchi-flavored chips. Yum-MY!

Thank God we can afford to binge all the time. Most people wonder why I work out so much--and it's really because i LOVE TO EAT! I live to snack!!! Hahaha.

GINA said...

By the way, did C end up buying another bag that same night? =P

makes coffee nervous said...

kimchi-flavored chips! wow, i've to try that! although i don't like kimchi. but chips... willing to try any kind. :)

true true re working out. i cannot ever diet. i'd rather collapse from exercising than from food deprivation. hahaha!

c wanted to buy that night. i was that kawawa looking. haha. but it was really late so i told him to forget about it. he brought home two bags though the next day. :) and i made sure i ate my fill right away. hahaha!